• Jordan Arentsen

    Jordan Arentsen

    Web Hacker.

  • Piper Loyd

    Piper Loyd

    I'm typically very color coordinated. MDes candidate at University of Washington. Formerly @IDEO and @ideofutures.

  • Jason Russell

    Jason Russell

  • Jeremiah Wingett

    Jeremiah Wingett

    Builder/Designer at @dwolla - obsessed w/ typography, identity branding, UI design, illustration, animation, and technology. http://t.co/7HshU0yZNI

  • NetPlayer


    απαίσιος τυπος / awful guy. I control this reality.

  • Tomely


    Linking independent writers and publishers to adventurous readers. Tomely is almost certainly the best way to ebook. Tweets by @mrconnorobrien.

  • Hannes Fostie

    Hannes Fostie

    Ruby developer. Fulltime @openminds, freelance @maloikhq. Coding, skiing and hard guitar music define me. Winter is coming!

  • Halvard Simonsen

    Halvard Simonsen

    Rådgiver i Simpleness

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